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The Flow

Drawing Board: Me Vs World

Tupac. More than a rapper, watching interviews of the guy even in his youth foreshadowed a powerful social change advocate, true politician for the people, and educator. Taken from the earth so much sooner than his potential (even as just...

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Drawing Board: Mama Said So

In September of 1990, LL Cool J released his fourth album. The 90's ushered in the most rapid evolution of Hip Hop music and is often hailed as the 'Golden Era' of Hip Hop. And like LL Cool J himself, the music started growing up, working out, and showing some muscle.

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Drawing Board: Magazine Reader

When Biggie's voice bursts into the first verse of 'Juicy' as the beat drops, those initial words are some of the most recognizable in Hip Hop history. Even people who aren't Hip Hop heads know the first line: "It was...

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