Drawing Board: Air Chair

By Maurice Chang

Drawing Board: Air Chair

This one’s dedicated to the BBoys and BGirls! Flowy’s been in the lab, working on his freezes, and which better breaking freeze to kick off our ‘Culture’ design series with, than the infamous air chair. Flexibility, balance, and strength all rolled into one, the air chair has become one of the greatest evolutions of the dance.

Every single year, BBoys and BGirls take the human body’s capabilities to new heights that were just imaginative dreams that they’d laugh and joke about between throw-downs at practices. And then… months later, someone somewhere actually accomplishes it.

With the air chair, it started as a blow up in and of itself; ending a set with a baby freeze or regular chair freeze, and then popping into an air chair for a split second before crashing into a burn as the crowd went nuts. And then dancers started resting on their triceps instead of stabbing their elbows into their backs and were actually able to hold that position.

From there, they started incorporating threads into the freeze, pop-ups into them, spinning while holding the freeze, and then air chair hops came, and today, crazy dudes like BBoy Kill from Korea, is straight dropping into a spinning air chair and transitioning directly into an airflare before catching himself back into a spinning air chair, all from the same hand.

Ridiculous. In any event, we chose this freeze to be the first design to celebrate Hip Hop culture, and chose breaking as the first element to do so, because to us, BBoys and BGirls are the last flagpole of true Hip Hop culture which is still less untouched by mainstream commercialization than it is. The elements of MCing and DJing are obviously a multi-billion dollar industry in and of themselves, while every brand has leveraged the cool factor of graffiti into their products or advertising efforts. Yes, breaking appears in some commercials and has recently experienced tremendous sponsorship opportunities in the forms of Red Bull’s BC-One breaking battles, but by and large, the dance is grassroots and the subculture is as raw and underground as you can get.

Celebrate your love for true hip hop culture with Flowy sticking that air chair freeze on your chest! As a subtle bonus to the sneakerheads, Flowy’s wearing some Converse All-Star high tops too!


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