Drawing Board: Derailed

By Maurice Chang

Drawing Board: Derailed

“You can go with this. And you can go with that.”

The Black Sheep dropped their gem of a Hip Hop classic, ‘The Choice is Yours’ in October of 1991, and the culture embraced it and continues to, as one of those rare anthems that even mainstream DJ’s mix into their Top-40 sets on any given club night to this day.

We drew inspiration from the bridge, where Black Sheep actually quoted Roger Miller, best known for his classic honky-tonk style, and manifested it into an image of Flowy rescuing his train set after it fell off its track.

‘The Choice is Yours’ is a true classic and an integral part of the Old School Hip Hop cannon; a favourite anthem still, to this day, at breaking jams around the globe, sure to get the BBoys and BGirls hyped. You can’t help but bounce your head to the pocket of the beat, and take a dive into the golden era of Hip Hop music.

What better way to celebrate your love of true Hip Hop, than wearing our inspired design of this iconic piece of the culture, tied together with a fun and playful graphic that’s sure to start conversations.


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