Drawing Board: Magazine Reader

By Maurice Chang

Drawing Board: Magazine Reader

When Biggie's voice bursts into the first verse of 'Juicy' as the beat drops, those initial words are some of the most recognizable in Hip Hop history. Even people who aren't Hip Hop heads know the first line: "It was all a dream, I used to read Word-Up Magazine."

Because of its recognizability, we're happy to have this design as our very first. Join the homie Flowy as he sits on a park bench, rocking his Air Jordan Fire Red V's, immersed in the articles in his own copy of Word-Up Magazine.

‘Juicy’ was released on his album ‘Ready to Die’, and, what many people may not remember, is that it was the first album to be released on Bad Boy Records. It was autumn of 1994, when Biggie put East Coast rap on his shoulders after a few years of West Coast dominance in commercial success 

To us, drawing inspiration from the opening lines of ‘Juicy’ was a no brainer. But beyond that, the design itself represents something that’s become increasingly more and more difficult for all of us to do in our fast-paced world: the ability to just kick it alone, enjoying the breeze on a park bench, and just reading.

The Notorious B.I.G. is inarguably, one of the most incredible lyricists to have graced the game. What better way to spread love for Hip Hop than by wearing one of the culture's most iconic rap lines ever?

FlowyTees is committed to creating the most beautiful graphic t-shirts, streetwear clothing, and accessories to celebrate Hip Hop culture to the fullest. If you live and love Hip Hop, and are using the culture to positively impact your community and youth arts initiatives, we'd love to spread the word for you. Hit us up! We'd love to chat.


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