Drawing Board: Mama Said So

By Maurice Chang

Drawing Board: Mama Said So

In September of 1990, LL Cool J released his fourth album. The 90's ushered in the most rapid evolution of Hip Hop music and is often hailed as the 'Golden Era' of Hip Hop. And like LL Cool J himself, the music started growing up, working out, and showing some muscle.

The title track of his senior album, "Mama Said Knock You Out", blared through the radio waves and launched LL back to the top after a disappointing previous album. It's a powerful hard-hitting song, and we thought it was the perfect line to draw inspiration from next in our collection.

The design shows Flowy's mom giving him a set of brass knuckles. We felt that it portrays more than just the track; that it represents how for most of us, it's our mothers who always have our backs – the person who not only knows what to say, but who also provides us with the tools we need to face whatever the world has to throw at us.

The 90's also saw the rise of the underground rebirth of the BBoy/BGirl scene. Breaking, having been exploited by the media and corporations throughout the mid 80's seemingly vanished overnight in 1986/1987 with many outside the culture claiming that it was yet another fad that had died.

Little do many know, the dance had the rare opportunity to find out who its true soldiers were. With nurturing from within the culture, breaking saw a whirlwind return but remained underground and raw. To us, BBoys and BGirls represent the last flagpole of Hip Hop culture that remains largely untouched by commercialization.

In the spirit of dance battles and raw cyphers, this shirt is dedicated to BBoys and BGirls worldwide who keep true, positive, and productive Hip Hop culture alive. Although 'Mama Said Knock You Out' isn't a song for breaking, this shirt represents every true BBoy and BGirl: the attitude to keep improving together with one's support system, and getting ready for the next battle, whether it's on the world stage at Freestyle Session, or in the cypher at the local club.

As an homage, Flowy’s got them OG BBoy kicks: the Pume Suede, in the white on red colorway. Our subtle nods to sneakers in many of our designs allow you to match to the max, but remain understated enough that only your friends with the keenest of eyes can catch them.

FlowyTees is committed to creating the most beautiful graphic t-shirts and accessories to celebrate Hip Hop culture to the fullest. If you live and love Hip Hop, and are using the culture to positively impact your community for social change and the support of youth arts initiatives, we'd be honored to spread the word for you. Hit us up! We'd love to chat.


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