Drawing Board: Me Vs World

By Maurice Chang

Drawing Board: Me Vs World

Tupac. More than a rapper, watching interviews of the guy even in his youth foreshadowed a powerful social change advocate, true politician for the people, and educator. Taken from the earth so much sooner than his potential (even as just an artist) could be realized, his legacy lives on forever.

It feels like he was such a straight-up no bullshit kind of guy, and his internal conflicts mixed with those of the industry that consumed him made us choose 'Me Against The World' as the first design inspired by Pac.

What we mean is: the ridiculously high number of records he sold only meant one thing: his words transcended far beyond young Black America. The struggles he alluded to, the life challenges he relayed, and the passion with which he spit his rhymes spoke to the world.

‘Me Against the World’ was released in the spring of 1995, and the album name and title track say it all. This was his third album, but arguably his most loved, and it’s the sheer honesty and candid delivery of every last word on the 15-track masterpiece that makes the listening experience so dope.

When people say "2Pac is the greatest rapper that ever lived", the claim goes far deeper than his abilities as a writer, lyricist, or his use of rhetorical devices; it's his decisive tone and ability to talk about difficult issues and make the world listen and think about things in a serious way.

Celebrate Tupac's life by rocking this shirt inspired by 'Me Against The World'. Though none of us can ever be Pac, we can all relate to what it's like to feel so small up against a world so big.

For the sneaker sneakerheads out there, subtle as they may be, Flowy is wearing Air Jordan XI Concords. Your friends will need to look closely, but if you pair this shirt with some Concords on your own feet…………. bruh.

FlowyTees is committed to creating the most beautiful graphic t-shirts, streetwear clothing, and accessories to celebrate Hip Hop culture to the fullest. If you live and love Hip Hop, and are using the culture to positively impact your community for social change and the support of youth arts initiatives, we'd be honored to spread the word for you. Hit us up! We'd love to chat.


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